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People Will Pay for YouTube Views On Retro PC Repairs

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in Shop Stories | 0 comments

repurSometimes an older computer has to be used with regards to getting certain things done in the workplace or home. This is often due to how some particular programs may not be easy to read or use on today’s computers. From graphics and video production programs to older word processing or data managing programs, the world of software has changed and some people have to sue older computers in order to get access to some programs.

In fact, some people will prefer to use older computers that are not always online when it comes to some documents or bits of data. This is because it will be very hard for people to have some bits of data stolen on computers that are not always online.

People are willing to pay for YouTube views on retro PC repairs because a plan to pay for YouTube views will actually get information on these videos out there. This can really help anyone out with regards to getting information ready for all sorts of purposes when it comes to fixing up even the oldest computers out there.

YouTube Can Be a Great Resource

When it comes to finding a resource for computers, YouTube could be the ideal resource for computers that anyone could benefit from. That’s because a person just has to search for a keyword relating to a classic computer and then get information off of YouTube on how to repair such a computer. This information can come in the form of videos about how to fix old computer drives, chips, boards and other pieces.

Videos Can Include All Critical Steps

The particular steps that have to be used when getting PC repairs ready can be highlighted on all of these videos. These steps can include a number of details that relate to managing different pieces of components on any computer. Sometimes the rarest pieces can be highlighted in a step as well. If this information is covered with care then it should be rather easy for anyone to get information on what is open.

Videos will show step by step instructions including many instructions that relate to actually going deep into a computer to fix certain problems. It does not matter what the problem may be on a particular computer. A repair service can take care of it without any problem coming from how it is operated. This could really be to anyone’s advantage when getting information ready with regards to fixing up any kind of computer.

It’s All From Professional Sources

Many of the sources that will pay for views to make their videos visible are ones that operate on a professional scale. That is, they are people who often repair computers for their own requirements.

These sources include places where people have been working on computers for years. These places are run by technicians who are experienced and have even charged people for their services in the past. They will often post videos of their own online simply to allow people to explore more about computers and how their components work. They want people to help themselves with regards to some of the most commonplace or complicated problems that different classic computers can get into.

YouTube views on retro PC repairs can really be enticing for all those who have older computers that they need for many purposes. These views can help any repair company or provider out with getting the word out on everything that has to be done when fixing up a computer of any kind. All this information can be critical to those who want to find ways to get their computers up and running without any problems coming out of how they are being used for all sorts of particular purposes.

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3 School Girls Made Me Laugh for My Life

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laughingAnother busy day just started from 11 am, and I was thinking about that strange guy I met yesterday. While I was thinking about him, 3 young girls entered my shop, and guess what? All of them were from a very popular high school locally in NY. One of them was carrying 1 laptop and the other two girls were carrying some shopping bags. When I asked them what issue you have with your laptop, the girl holding the laptop answered, “We brought the laptop here for fixing some hardware issues.”

In the meantime, one of them asked me “can you please get it geared up now as I have some personal files stored on this laptop?” I usually play safe, then I said, “I will try my best but I can’t promise.” Then, the girl again said, “Please try to understand that some of my files are very confidential and I can’t let it stay here overnight with you. In fact, I would like to see how you fix it.” I replied, “I understand what you meant, but if you go anywhere else even, they would probably take longer as there are already many orders before yours. But, may I know please what is it that is so important for you so I can skip it out while I work.”

Shessshhh. I didn’t get all these IT certifications for nothing. I’m trying to work here ladies.

She was very upset and said: “Okay, you do your job and we will wait here until you finish.” I was pleased that they ended up staying in the shop. Now, I’m getting right on the job. First, I was straining to determine what the issues on the laptop are and to fix what things. While I was working so deliberately, 2 of them started gossiping about their school life. They must have believed that I’m too busy to find out what they were saying, but when you speak in such loud voice, how can I check my ears not to hear? As usual by facts, girls speak very loud when they are in a group conversation. Like the time I went to my dentist back home in Boston. Just as worse. But, did they forget where they are? May be they did, because those girls were making me laugh so much that I hardly could control myself and concentrate on the job.

First, one of them asked another girl if you can answer my questions I will pay this man his charges for restoring your laptop. So let’s name her the (1st girl) who asked, “Why would a student throw his watch out of the school window?

2nd girl: He wanted to see if the watch is strong enough

1st girl: Wrong, he wanted to see time fly.

1st girl: My 2nd Q: Why we never get a beer at a math party?

3rd girl: I don’t know

1st girl: Because you can’t drink and derive…

1st girl: Why would a student bring a ladder to school?

2nd girl: May be he/she wants to do some paint work.

3rd girl: He/she might want to keep it there for fire safety.

1st girl: Wrong answers! Because the student was attending high school!

1st girl: My final question, although you have lost the contest but if you can answer this I will still pay. Tell me is computer male or female?

Both girls then quickly turned that question to me and asked me to answer this. I was laughing so much after hearing those questions that I hardly could think what I should say. I didn’t even mention if it can be male/female. But the girls finally answered, “It must be female because you ask questions like a computer.”

The 1st girl said, “You are right but you asked that man so I won’t pay”

However, they equally shared the charges when I handed over the laptop after fixing the RAM which was totally damaged.

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Indian Lady with a Cute Yet Dangerous Baby

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Indian woman with her babyThere is no doubt NY is a big city and people from different parts of the world live here. Well, I’m now used to manage different people from different nation every day. Soon it will become like I speak all the languages spoken in the world. I said it because I recently came across a lady who came into my store with a small baby who made me suffer like hell. Let’s get into what really happened that day.

The lady came with her 4 years old son for some modification to the hardware of her desktop PC. She wanted to add a 4GB DDR3 RAM and a Graphics Card. It certainly was a pretty easy job but the strange part is that I could not finish the job. Yes you read it correct. I couldn’t finish her job as I had to rush to the hospital which was located 10 minutes away from here in drive way. But even before I tell you why I had to go to hospital let me tell you how I could be so careless.

First of all, she came from India and staying in NY for last 1 week as a tourist. She walks in with headphones in her ears listening to some stuff on her iphone. This made me feel like I better behave with this lady and pay more attention to what she needs me to do. Since I barely understand her English, I better focus on her facial expression. Clearly she’s not listening to me too well. This took most of my attention while I was moving from my one desk to another and also to other places in the store. We got ourselves introduced to one another pretty nicely but later when she was trying to say that she needs RAM and Graphics Card, I was finding some difficulties how making this deal. Nevertheless, finally I understood what she was looking for.

Side note: what’s with people wearing all these rainbow bracelets lately? I see them on kids often but why adults too. Weird. Anyways…

Then, I received her computer for installing that hardware. It was my fault that I was moving too much for bringing in the RAM and Graphics card from some other section of the shop to my desk. In between the lady was seated in front of the desk where there is a bench for the customers. That bench is given to those customers who wish to stay while we work. Anyways, her son suddenly began shouting very loudly and I was feeling very curious to know if any of my coworkers has hurt him anyhow or he fall off the bench.

No matter what happened, I just rushed into that part of the shop where she was seated. When I was just inching closer to see what happened, the Indian lady shouted, “STOP baby ne su su kiya hai” I had no idea what she said but understood one thing that I should have stopped running. Alas, it was too late and I fall planting my nose right on the floor. I had those RAM and Graphics card at that moment holding in my hands. As a result, I could not protect my nose from hitting the floor so hard. From my nose, a lot of blood was falling to all over the place I was walking by to reach the hospital. Since the Indian lady was in some way responsible for this incident, she was with me and stayed until I was discharged from the hospital. After a few hours when the doctor finally decided to discharge me, she came to pay the bills for the hospital and stopped me to pay a single penny. I was really impressed to see such humanity but did bother to ask finally what did she say when I was moving towards her. I just asked her and she replied, “Actually, you were coming too fast that time that I was not being able to say anything in English; so I mistakenly spoke in Hindi language and said: Stop! The baby has discharged urine on the floor”

I then said, “OMG, I must learn Hindi before you visit my shop next time. Your baby was too dangerous for me that I was almost killed.” She laughed a little bit and said sorry to me and from there we went to shop and I returned her the computer which was handled by my coworker.

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USB: Universal Stupid Backup

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Stupid-GuyWe always have seen stupid people around us and enjoy laughing at them. Here, I’m going to tell you a great hilarious story of an 80+ years old man who used to live in a forest area in Virginia. Now, he is in NY and came to visit my computer repair shop a week ago. I still feel for this old man but the funny part can’t stop me from laughing.

Now, I won’t keep you awaited for too long here. Let me narrate what happened that day. I was as usual busy with fixing a desktop computer from one of my very old clients; and all of a sudden, that old man rushed into my shop. I said, “Hey, watch it and don’t get hit by the water filter there”. The old man hurriedly came towards me and said, “Hi, I need your help to save my computer. When I was laying in my bed last night I was wondering if there was any threats that can make me lose my files”.

Then, I asked him “what files?” He replied, “I have some old photos and videos with my family and I don’t know how I can keep it safe for life time”. I asked him, “Did you have any backup of your files or stored them in any other devices?” He said no and asked me “What is backup for computers and all these modern things?” I said, “It is just like what you think of in a traditional way that you keep a copy of your papers in a locker or in safe place just in case it get lost or damaged.”

Maybe this guy needs to get out of bed sometimes. I can only imagine what that dirty bed looks like from him sitting in bed all day. Anyways…

Ah I see he said and also mentioned, “Can you please help me out to backup my files the way you said”. I replied, “Yes, sure, but you need to have an external memory storage or very commonly known a USB flash drive/pen drive”. He then said, “I’m not sure what these things are but you just tell me what I have to do”. I just simply told him, “You need to buy a pen drive which will keep your files safe, but as of now, I’ll keep them in my external storage device, just bring me the computer you are talking about”. Okay he said and thanked me for my help.

Now, the nightmare for this old man has just hit on his door. His hard drive got crashed and he immediately called me after 1 week of that last visit at my shop. I went to his house and checked on his computer. I saw that if this hard drive is taken for data recovery, he might have to pay a lot and chances are very few that he get back those files. I then asked him “Did you take back up of the files that I told you to do when you came to my shop?” He said, “Yes I did, let me show you that new thing I bought a couple of days ago.”

Now guess what I saw?

The old man brought to me a new intact pen drive which he did not even bother to pull out from the packet. He showed me with a happy face saying please see this. I was surprised and with my shocked face I asked him, “Did you put it in the USB port on your computer to take the back up?” He said, “My son, what is USB port? I’m hearing this word for the first time.” I replied, “Although it is known as Universal Serial Bus, but what you have done today, it should be called Universal Stupid Backup”

Old Man: What?
Me: Yes sir, if you don’t know what is USB, then you don’t know how to back up. So, you have lost all your files, but I hope they can be recovered after paying such considerable amount for the funny mistake you did!

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Met A Crazy Guy in My Shop

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the crazy guyMost probably it was 10th of November 2013, when I was opening the door of my shop around 9.30 AM and I noticed one strange looking guy staring at my shop. I was feeling like wow this guy is from here or outer space, ha..ha. May be he wasn’t but the staring look was pretty funny and I was looking at him with a slight grin. And ewwww he’s got a cat with him.

Nonetheless, I asked him “May I help you?” That guy may not have saved for a few months so when he was talking to me I barely could see his lips. Anyways he replied, “I’m here to fix my laptop, could you please help me?” Then I politely responded, “Yes sure please come with me and show me what seems to be the issue you are facing with your laptop.” I wished he left his cat outside because I’m allergic to cats.

He then came along with me and sat on our visitors bench. I usually get into the store before anyone else; I mean the coworkers and other staffs. So it was a little strange to handle a customer really early in the morning. And what’s up with this guy wearing a house arrest bracelet on his ankle. Weird!!

Nevertheless, I then asked him to show his laptop and also requested him to briefly explain what seems to be the issue. He replied, “I can’t start the OS, looks like it is going down or something like that, I have some important files in it as well. Therefore, please make sure you manage to reclaim them as well” I replied back, “Sir, I will try my best to recover what I can, but at this point without properly diagnosing the issue, I can’t tell you whether it will be possible or not”

Then, I began my work on it and I noticed that guy for a short while. He was feeling really bored since he was sitting alone in the visitor’s corner. But after a short while, he came towards me and started some chatting with me. While after a little formal conversation, he began asking me some odd questions. These questions were never asked to me before by anyone. So, you too must be laughing when you will study these questions and also the answers given by him.

The first question he asked me was, “Can you tell me the difference between Windows and virus software?”
I kept on guessing the answer for a minute or so and then replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer, please you tell me”
Strange Guy: Well, the only difference is that the virus will work fine.
Strange Guy: Okay, tell me who uses a mouse and who uses keyboard?
Me: I think you use the mouse and I use the keyboard.
Strange Guy: Wrong answer! “Goofy uses the keyboard and Mickey uses the mouse!”
Strange Guy: Now tell me can you compare internet access with something very similar?

This time I thought I better not answer this question and let him answer. To me it seems like this guy was missing a few tools in hos toolbox or last one to get picked at a yankee swap party. So again I replied, “I don’t know, please you tell me.” Strange guy replied, “Internet access is just like a toilet paper, it always ends when you need it the most”

Strange Guy: This is my final question. Can you tell me what it means “Keep your CPU virgin: Don´t take the Hymen.sys file”

Me: I think the best person who would be able to answer this question will be your wife. Please do let me know what she answers you.

The strange guy replied, “I’m sure she will answer my question correctly, but the question here arises, can you fix my laptop?”
I then replied, “If I can’t, then maybe Goofy and Micky will help me to set up your laptop, so you don’t worry.”

He laughed so loud to hear such an interesting response and said, “It really was a pleasure meeting you and I really enjoyed my time spending here.” In respond, I welcomed him and also gave him the laptop after fixing it up. Finally when he was leaving the shop he told me that he will soon come again with his wife’s laptop to fix some hardware issue.

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Is a Computer Male or Female?

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computer_male_or_femaleI was eating up some Chinese food at lunch. It was quite a cold day as it was 15th of November 2013, usually the winter season. Personally, I like winter season the most among any other seasons for many reasons. However, the reasons are not important here, what’s important here is the guy who came to my shop at my lunch time. I’m not sure if you remember him or not, the strange crazy guy came in my shop with his wife’s laptop as promised last time he came here.

I was very glad to see him again as his last visit to my shop was unforgettable. I welcomed him greatly and he was also very glad to see that I’m available. Although I was not finished with my lunch and playing some games online, I left my food on the table and proceeded to pick up his laptop. I then asked him “What issues you face with this laptop could you please remind me again?” He replied, “I have some hardware issues with it, for example, it makes loud noises all the time” I responded, “I think one or two hardware must be damaged and might be needed to replace; let me hold your laptop first.”

I kept him beside me while I was working on the laptop because this time I was feeling bored and needed some company from an interesting guy, he was just perfect for that. In the meanwhile, a good thing came into my mind. The young girl who asked me that question “Is computer male or female?” I think he can answer it perfectly. So, I asked him “Can you tell me is computer male or female? I think for this kind of question you are the best person who can give me some smart answers, so next time I can answer to the others whoever ask me this question.”

He replied, “I knew it there would be this kind of question asked to me by someone sooner or later. I’m glad that somebody is you. Well, the answer is very simple.”

He then said, “The hypothesis is based on the following principles:

  1. The computer is female because the minute you get a new one a better one will appear.
  2. The computer is female because no one can understand their logic apart from the Creator.
  3. It is female since the language they use among themselves it is impossible to be understood.
  4. The computer is female because it is difficult to understand any of their messages.
  5. It is female because after purchasing a computer you´ll spend half of your salary in accessories.

So, if you judge on these principles, you will see that computer matches mostly with female characteristics not a male. Therefore, if we make such assumption we can’t be wrong.

I was truly amazed that he could actually answer this question where I was even nowhere near to say whether it is male or female. But I agreed with his sentiment and judgment upon those principles as he was largely correct. However, the points that he picked to produce the comparison was very odd to me. If we notice our girlfriend/wife we can see a lot of similarities with a computer.

However, I found there was some debris inside the laptop especially around the cooling fan. So, I just wiped it off and it went alright. With this trivial task in mind I said to him, “I wish I could wipe off my wife like this whenever she scolds at me.” He replied, “May be that’s the point where you can’t match it up female with computer.” However, I returned the laptop to him with a big smile and he then walked out the shop after all the formalities as well as the goodbye speech.

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